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GAME OF GROANS: Calling out sci fi/fantasy is the social justice equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel ▷


aamerrahman wrote two pieces on Game of Thrones, calling the Daenarys storyline ‘racist’, and comparing the ‘exotic’ Dothraki to Star Trek’s Klingons. He included this meme-tastic image.


The crux of the argument is summed up here:

The Klingons are the Dothraki of Star Trek - the…






Model Lola in PASTORALE photographed by Andrey Yakovlev.
Art director: Lili Aleeva
Collection: Elen Om



Kobori no Mori chapter 01 - Welcome to Kobori’s Forest is now up on Gumroad for $1! <3 Give it a go, give it a try, give it a read if you like - anything past $1 is always appreciated, but pay whatever you like. ;) Most of all, let’s ENJOY LIFE!

Listening in solitude(something I’m not doing at the moment ironically). #sketch #art #randomwoman #digitalsketchbook

One corner of a canvas; the rest of the space is being filled out. #digitalsketchbook #sketchomatic #art #randomwoman #sketch #monotone

…the shading is mono. I don’t know what’s up with the blue.#wip #art #randomwoman #digital



Hey folks, here’s a look at my process for the cover to Detective Comics 32. I had a lot of fun coloring this piece, specially since I got to play around with the logo. It’s placement was integral to the composition and selling the idea of Batman getting pulled under water. Enjoy!

Great cover!

Needed to sketch.#digital #lineart #sketch #digitalsketchbook

Trying to close a loose end; thinking about making line work available for color practice. #digital #art #lineart #sketchbook #wip